Welcome to West Sussex Petitions

Do you want to support or comment on a petition online?

ePetitioner allows you to support a petition by adding your name and address online. Please note that only signatures from people living, working or studying in West Sussex and showing a valid West Sussex post code will be counted. If you live outside the County please use your West Sussex work or study address and postcode instead. Information about the subject is also provided, to put the petition in context and help you decide whether to sign. You can also see who else has supported the petition (name and area only).


Disclaimer: The County Council hosts petitions relevant to the Council’s business and will take steps to ensure that they are appropriate and do not cause offence. The Council does not endorse the views expressed or the claims made in any petition as those are for the petition organiser.

Do you want to use the Internet to petition the Council?

ePetitioner allows you to have your petition live on the Internet, rather than just on paper. This way, your petition and supporting information can be made available to a potentially much wider audience, giving you the opportunity to gather more names to support the petition.

A petition may gather names and addresses in both forms - you can have a paper version and an online version, although repeat names should be removed by the Principal Petitioner.